Commodity Export - Lubcon International


The Federal Government of Nigeria in response to the crash in international crude oil prices is actively promoting the nation’s non-oil exports, and has put various incentives in place to encourage players in the industry.

Lubcon Group closely identifies with this desire of government, and is leveraging on the incentives to Export Nigerian non-oil commodities to earn foreign exchange, which will be used to import essential raw materials for Lubcon and its subsidiaries.

The operation will enable the Group get around the difficulties presently being experienced by manufacturers in obtaining foreign exchange, and the disruption that it causes to their production process. It is also expected that the export operations would provide the Group a cushion against the effects of the widely fluctuating foreign exchange rates that have been witnessed in the country in recent times.

Target Commodities:

Lubcon intends to focus on the following agricultural commodities that are extensively grown in the North Central Geopolitical zone in which it is located:

• Sesame seed
• Groundnuts
• Cashew
• Ginger
• Shea Butter
• Bio-lubes


In furtherance of its exports objective, Lubcon has registered with, or is at an advance stage in the process of registration with the following organisations:
• Nigeria Export Promotion Council
• Nigeria-China Business Council
• Global Shea Alliance
• African Cashew Alliance

Quality Assurance:
Lubcon assures it customers around the world that its exports operation will carried out with the same attention to quality that it is renowned for with its other products