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Motor Oils

LUBCON DIESELUBE HD provides protection against corrosion and oil thickening.
Performance Level: US. Army MIL-L-46152, API: CC/SE, Caterpillar I-H and I-H2
LUBCON RUGGED 4X4 10W/50 is recommended for all modern vehicles.
Performance Level: ACEA A3/B3, API: SM/CH
LUBCON RUGGED ELITE SM 5W-40 is a fully synthetic motor oil of exceptional quality.
Performance Level: : ACEA A3/B4, API SM/CI-4
LUBCON ADRENALIN is recommended for all motor cars and light commercial vehicles.
Performance Level: ACEA A2/A2, API: SL/CF
LUBCON PERFORMA XV is suitable for turbocharged passenger cars, pickups, light vans etc.
Exceeds Performance Level: US. Army MIL-L-46152B, API: SF/CC
LUBCON SUPER XV advanced chemistry formulation reduces friction and fuel consumption.
Exceeds Performance Level: US. Military MIL-L-46152D, API: SJ/CF
LUBCON MOTORLUBE HD is a heavy duty mono-grade crankcase oil.
Exceeds Performance Level: US. Army MIL-L-2104B, API: SE/CC

Radiator Coolant

LUBCON POWERLUBE has been developed to improve the viscosity and viscosity index of engine oil.
LUBCON BRAKE FLUID HD is a synthetic fluid designed for use in both disc and drum hydraulic brake system.
Performance Level: SAE J1 703; DOT 3; DOT 4; ISO 4925

2-Stroke - Motocycle Engine Oil

LUBCON 2T SUPER is suitable for use in small out board engines of lawnmowers, small tractors, chain saws and other horticultural machines.
Performance Level: API: TA, TB and TC

Automotive Gear Oil

LUBGEAR – EP is recommended for spiral, bevel and hypoid gear differentials.
Performance Level: MIL-L-2105; API GL4

Lubcon Grease

LUBGREASE MPL is a premium multipurpose quality lithium thickened lubricating grease